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Are you interested in a career at TPEP?

After conducting a survey among our fellow colleagues would like to give you some useful tips and tricks for TPEP’s hiring process.

First of all, the easiest ways to discover the openings are looking at our website, writing us an email inquiry or searching for openings on Headhunter.

To understand what set of skills and traits we are seeking, the applicant must carefully read the job description and if needed contact the company to get such.

When you submit an application, you should decide: your interest for the position and related activities and your alignment with published requirements. Remember that all the applications should be submitted through our email services.

The application process requires you to input information about your academic career, professional/extracurricular experiences, language and computer skills. Furthermore, you will have to upload your resume and a cover letter. Make sure to highlight in your CV all the important experiences and achievements. It becomes especially crucial to develop a good CV when you are at the very start of your career. Do not forget to mention your interests and passions, we are interested in knowing who you are. This info might be really handful during the interviews.

Provide the essential information without excessive details (1-2 pages). Try to stick with national languages in your application as despite the global orientation our company focuses on Kazakhstan.

Now you are ready to submit your application!

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From digitalization to automation, we are transforming the world around you. By becoming a part of our company you get the opportunity to solve complex technical problems every day and take the initiative. Find out more by contacting us.

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