In the highly competitive environment characteristic of the market of national and international organizations involved in design and survey works as well as construction and installation works in the field of electric power engineering the only survivors are the companies enjoying the basic competitive advantage – high quality management. International practice made it obvious that compliance with the principles of ISO 9000 series international standards is, at present, a reliable tool used for designing efficient management system, gaining competitive advantages and creating favorable conditions for investment growth.

For the time being our company has got the following standards compliance certificates:

  • ST RK ISO 9001-2009 “Quality Management Systems. Requirements”,
  • ST RK ISO 14001-2006 “Environmental Management Systems. Requirements”,
  • ST RK OHSAS 18001-2008 “Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems. Requirements”.

In 2009 the CEO of the company made quality management system in TPEP LLP one of its priorities. At the preparatory stage the employees were told about the main objectives and directions of system implementation and given reasons why values of quality management system are of such importance. The initial stage also included description of processes which took place at the enterprise at that time. The next stage is solution of task related to appropriate measures planning. Such measures were not practiced at that time but they were required in accordance with ISO 9001 standard. They were necessary to make work better. It became clear what business processes had to be changed or organized at the enterprise. Quality management system is constantly being improved. The employees attended the trainings “Implementation and Development of Quality Management System” and “Process Model of Enterprise Management”. At present TPEP LLP activities are being diagnosed with the help of complex technique integrating approaches of modern managerial decisions. Now the enterprise is following the network schedule of preparatory stages required to obtain the international compliance certificate. In 2011 the existing management system was assessed.

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